Why Search Engines Love Content

Content is like gold to Search Engines

What Search Engines want from your website in order to keep it ranking highly is always changing. However, one thing they’ve always loved is original, unique and relative content. There’s no point in producing content that is generic, rather dull and similar to other pieces on your website. Search Engines see through this and it won’t help your site rise up the rankings. Instead, you’re going to want keyword rich and unique content each time you upload to your website. Most of the major search engines use ‘crawlers’. As the name suggests these programs crawl through the web on the hunt for new content. The fresher the content it can index the more of an impact this will have on where your rank in the search results.

Keeping them happy

This not only keeps the Search Engines happy but at the same time will be more attractive to visitors to your website. After all, they don’t want to click on a search result only to find out they’ve wasted their time. Another thing loved by the search engine giants is content that allows the visitor to engage with your website. This could be through a quiz, a poll or even a comment thread from your blog. This interaction not only boosts the chances of your visitor staying on your website longer. But also increases the chances of them sharing this content to their friends, this digital form of ‘word-of-mouth’ can be as, or if not, more effective than the traditional word of mouth.

Content Types

If your business has a service or product that solves a problem, aim for evergreen content. What does that mean? Well, you may have seen the same search results appearing each time over a couple of years, that’s because their content is still relevant. It is helping people solve that problem still on an ongoing basis.

Another form of content that proves highly valuable to Search Engines are guides. Think about it, when you’ve come across an issue before, one of the first things you do is search online. Usually, you’ll find what you’re looking for rather quickly. The guide you’re going to want to upload will need to be high in demand and informative to the user. Don’t be overloading them with walls and walls of text, break it down into digestible segments. You may also want to add some illustrations to help them navigate through your guide a little easier.


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